This site was created to help Virtual Summit and Podcast Hosts who are looking for Virtual Guest Speakers. It allows visitors to search by topic to make speakers easier to find and contact.

Keep in mind that the site is still in beta, so please be patient as we add speaker info and additional functionality.

My name is Sterling Valentine. I’ve been an online entrepreneur since 1998. I’ve spoken at marketing seminars across the U.S. and UK. After hosting several virtual summits, I wanted a quicker and easier way to find experienced speakers by searching according to topics of expertise.

Originally I simply kept a database of speakers in my personal network. Eventually I started adding contact info for speakers I had seen or wanted to reach out to. Now I’m sharing it as a resource for other Virtual Summit and Podcast Hosts as we continue to expand.

Send a message using the contact form on this site to apply.

There is no cost to be added to the directory at this time.

If you’re already in my personal network, I have a better idea of your various topics of expertise. If not, then I may have only seen you speak on a certain topic. In that case, to be accurate, I’ve only included that topic. Please feel free to reach out and we can add the rest of your topics.

There are several ways to use this site to find speakers. You can click a topic from the master topics list on the home page. You can search by name or filter by topic on the Speaker Directory page. On an individual speaker’s page, you can click a topic of expertise listed and you will be taken to a page of all the other speakers in the directory who share that topic.